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3rd-Oct-2009 02:15 am - You, yes - you.
 You're ridiculous, and I hope you know this.

Move on, away from me.
Away from the time that used to be us.

Move on, away from you.
Away from the you that you used to be.

Move on, love, move on.
You know you have greater things to do.

And as the sky turns to dusk, just know that
you are not alone,
you will be okay.

And when you know that you can no longer 
Go on in this weary world,
Close your eyes.

Move on, baby, away from here.
Away from the stale places you used to be.

Away from this idle banter 
There's so much left to see

Away from the dead of winter,
Onto places that will help you grow.

Move on,  darling, move on.
You've got a ways to go.

This was meant to be motivational, not hurtful. If you took it that way, I'm sorry. I didn't intend to write anything when starting this entry, it just spilled out.

So now you know that you are still part of my inspiration <3
11th-Sep-2007 07:48 am(no subject)
Going back to Friend's Only. =)

I love how people know how to piss me off.
18th-Oct-2004 06:33 am - Sorry
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Well, today was eventful...
I had a normal day up until the second half of third period. I started to think about Alex, and how much I miss him, yadda yadda yadda..I wrote three poems about him...nice ones...
My friend Kyle asked me out today...but he's going to homecoming with Madison, and if I had said yes and been a cheater (*which I CAN physically do, but it gives a MAJOR toll on my mind and body*) Then he would have broken it off with Madison and Roxanna (her best friend) and I would be on bad terms...and..I -I just won't want that shit right now. I want to have a good friday...on a BETTER note...
I did get to hold Jade's hand today, which is awesome cause she is uber hot. I've always loved her ^-^ lol, well it wasn't exactly holding hands persay, but she wanted my screename so we could possibly do something later tonight, and I wrote it on her hand when we got off the bus (she lives right across the street from me) and she had to move her hand over a bit, and closed her hand over mine that was holding her's still. ^_^ she's so awesome lol. But yeah, I mean...girls are way less complicated to me than guys...why do I bother? Gawd, and CURTIS KNEW KYLE LIKED ME!!! OMG and told him I have a boyfriend in "Kentucky"....I was like "-_-;; trust Curtis to fuck up the state."
But I didn't say yes, nor did I say no....I just want him to like me as a friend, because I like joking around and hugging my guy friends...I don't like it when they start liking me as a girlfriend cause then things get weird....ya know?
But yeah...I was crying a lil bit ago, just a few tears, but I love this song...Yellow...I just have one last thing to finalize things:
I Love You, Chris.

I'll write more later...

<3 Ditty <3
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